Letter to the Editor: We must promote renewable energy


Dear Editor(s), 

Wildfires ravage the western coast of the United States, while devastating storms wrack the east. These destructive events are inevitable, in fact, necessary, to the continued renewal and propagation of plant life in nature, not the horrible tragedies people often make them out to be. However, it’s also true that these incidents have been especially powerful in recent years. This is due to climate change caused by exorbitant use of fossil fuels. A prominent oil company, Exxon Mobil, knew decades ago that their reckless and consumptive business model would cause climate change, but chose to remain silent, not alerting their customers of the possible consequences. Recently, several Connecticut government officials called their bluff and sued Exxon Mobil for their flagrant disregard of environmental issues. This is a good first step, but ineffectual alone. As a people, we must step up and promote renewable energy sources, else nothing will change. 

Spencer Steeves 

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