Get Toasted: @Southington Coffee House

The Southington Coffee House is located in Southington, Connecticut. The business is known for their custom roast for their customers, and their delicious crepes. Read on to learn more about Daily Campus contributor, Olivia Hickeys experience at the family owned business. Photo provided by author.

This week, I took my coffee and crepe break at Southington Coffee House. Located in the town it’s named for, this place was an ideal halfway meet up spot for my friend and me. I’ve been eyeing this place for a while after seeing some posts of a patriotic drink over the summer, and I decided Saturday to take the drive and see what the house had to offer. 

The Coffee House is located on a main road, but there was plenty of street parking and designated parking spots for the businesses nearby. 

COVID-19 precautions were in place, with hand sanitizer outside and social distancing markers on the ground. 

The size of the cafe was similar to most, but the shop took advantage of their space, with comfortable seating situations spaced out for pandemic purposes. However, it did not look empty, which is a welcomed change. 

I noticed they had a themed menu, which when I went it was Charlie and the Chocolate factory — complete with items inspired by Ronald Dahl’s tale of Willy Wonka’s Factory. 

“I noticed they had athemed menu, which when I went it was Charlie and the Chocolate factory — complete with items inspired by Ronald Dahl’s tale of Willy Wonka’s Factory. “

Our barista was friendly and helped us pick out our orders, which makes the first time visiting any restaurant more enjoyable and inviting. My friend and I ordered cold brews and crepes. There was a wall with fixings to choose from, but I went with the classic nutella and strawberry. 

“Comment magnifique”- How magnificent. Daily Campus contributor Olivia Hickey ordered the classic Nutella and strawberry crepe during her visit to Southington Coffee House. Photo provided by author.

The prices are average compared to franchises like Starbucks and other cafes, but I am all for supporting local businesses. 

The cold brew was good and the crepe was great. I haven’t had a crepe in awhile, (RIP Farmhouse Crepes) so that enhanced the crepe experience for me. 

The convenient outlets and Wi-Fi enticed me to spend more time here. After my friend left, I stayed to get some work done; the change of scenery was nice. I noticed other customers were in and out and other tables were filled, but the occupants stayed maybe a max of half an hour.  

It’s nice to see community members go out of their way to support local businesses, especially considering the coffee house was not equipped with a drive-thru for easy access like other chains. If it did not get dark so quickly, I may have stayed longer. 

Overall, I did enjoy my experience. I would add this to my rotation of regular coffee shops, but I am not in Southington often. I will however visit again, since my friend and I agreed this would be a good halfway point for both of us. 

Rating: 4.47/5 

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