Don’t expect Kamala Harris to keep her promises

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, accompanied by President-elect Joe Biden, speaks at The Queen theater, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. Harris’s beliefs and track record doesn’t quite line up. Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP

Maybe you’ve seen them on TikTok or maybe you’ve seen them on Instagram, but the Kamala Harris aesthetic edits need to stop. Let’s not forget that Democrats settled for the Biden-Harris administration for a reason: because anything was better than Donald Trump. Kamala Harris has had an extensive record of being inconsistent and just because she’s the first woman Vice President-elect does not mean that Americans should be turning a blind eye to her questionable past. 

Let’s be honest, she’s a sell-out. When she began her race towards the presidency, Harris said that her beliefs aligned themselves with the “progressive” wing of the Democratic party, but her record says otherwise. Her stance on health care has been conflicting. Harris said that she supported the abolition of private health care yet later went on to release a health care plan that still included private health insurance. Also, her criminal justice record is not very clean. As California’s Attorney General, she did not support two ballot initiatives that would have banned the death penalty. Yet, in 2004, Harris refused to pursue the death penalty on a man who murdered a police officer. Under her leadership, California saw a surge of incarcerations, especially among colored communities, and even enforced the criminalization of cannabis. Marijuana reform was a major component of Harris’ presidential platform, going on to co-sponsor marijuana legalization bills such as the MORE Act in 2019, stating that “Times have changed—marijuana should not be a crime,” but in 2010 she co-authored an official voter guide argument opposing a California cannabis legalization measure. 

Kamala Harris said that she was in support of reimagining public safety, believing that most funding should go to social services, job training and mental health issues plaguing minority communities, but then declined to back a bill that would have investigated police shootings during her time as Attorney General. She claimed that it was not her responsibility to take a stance but just write parts of the bill. As Attorney General, she believed that she should have no opinion on the specifics of the case, which dealt heavily with the unjustified shootings of Black men. However, when looking at past pieces of legislation during those times, she was known to applaud, endorse and support. 

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris speaks before President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del. Even though Harris has made history as the first female Vice President-elect of South Asian and Black descent, she has not bettered the criminal justice system. Photo by Carolyn Kaster/AP

Attorney generals are known to get a bad reputation, which is understandable given that they have a responsibility to both the people and the criminal justice system. But how much of that excuses Harris’ inconsistency? What perhaps drove her presidential campaign was the rising popularity of progressivism, yet, it was that same philosophy that forced her to drop out in December 2019 from the Democratic Party presidential primaries. She could not keep running on ideas that she had nothing to back with. Tulsi Gabbard even ripped through the Vice President-elect’s record on-stage, going on to remind voters that Harris kept innocent people on death row and 15,000 incarcerated for marijuana possession. 

 Harris did make history as the first female Vice President-elect of South Asian and Black descent. She did not, however, better the criminal justice system; if anything, she made it worse. Her constantly changing stances are a result of her following popular ideas with the hopes of politically benefitting from the people who are willing enough to vote for her. Now, thanks to some liberals, there are hundreds of videos out there making her out to be some incredible role model, which she is not. To settle on a candidate does not mean you like them; they’re just a better alternative. Worshipping politicians – no matter who they are – might have you supporting things you have no interest in. So, let’s see how things play out during her time in office and what promises Harris actually keeps for once.  

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