Leaf the drawing to Magdalena Pawlowski

The William Benton Museum of Art, pictured. The Museum held a live drawing session this week. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

The William Benton Museum of Art presented a live drawing lesson called “Thursdays with The Benton: Drawing Workshop” on Zoom. Magdalena Pawlowski, a studio art graduate student at the University of Connecticut, was the instructor of the workshop.  

Pawlowski began the workshop by showing images exemplifying the different types of hatching, an art technique that can be found all over the art spectrum, from Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches to the “Peanuts” cartoons. Hatching techniques vary; the featured techniques were cross-hatching, contour hatching, scribble hatching, linear hatching and patch hatching. The mark variation of hatching determines how dark the shadows of a drawing is.  

The late fall and early winter-themed art tutorial was a drawing, using hatching techniques, of dried up leaves. The leaves were a challenge for many in the workshop because of the delicate curves. Capturing the light and shadow of the natural detail proved to be difficult, and drawing took the participants the entire allotted time. Pawlowski led the class with a steady hand and a calm, Bob Ross-like tone. 

“Even people who have been drawing for years sometimes make a mistake,” Pawlowski said.   

Pawlowski ended the presentation with examples of the unique fine lines an artist might want to add as a finishing touch. The lines build up texture and a light gradient.  

“There’s so many variations of what you can do with this,” Pawlowski said. “It’s really very amazing what you can do with just a line.” 

Pawlowski wished the workshop participants a good winter break and holiday season. The “Thursdays with The Benton: Drawing Workshop” sessions will continue spring semester. 

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