A gal’s guide for Valentine’s Day outfits

Illustration by Kaitlyn Tran, Artist/The Daily Campus.

When you think about Valentine’s Day, red, white, pink and sometimes purple are colors that come to mind. According to Color Combos, a site dedicated to testing out color combinations in an article titled, “The Colors of Valentine’s Day,” the red color of roses symbolizes passion and love. Pink, on the other hand, speaks to affection, sweetness and understanding. White symbolizes purity and innocence. Whereas, purple can represent enchantment. 

Winter is all about staying cozy so that may mean sweaters and sweats, but Valentine’s Day is a time for loving each other and loving yourself — which can mean dressing up! Here are some outfit inspirations you can dress to impress whether it’s for yourself, friends or for a lover.  

The first outfit is all about simplicity but also elegance.

The first outfit is all about simplicity but also elegance. The white turtleneck gives a sense of purity but the pink dress hints at affection. The black jacket, in contrast, adds another color to the look. You can’t forget the accessories either, a cream purse with tan boots matches the overall light color scheme. A knit dress with a jacket makes for a comfortable but also cozy Valentine’s Day look. 

The second outfit: purple is a color you shouldn’t forget.

While most people might think of the colors red, white and pink for Valentine’s Day, purple is a color you shouldn’t forget about. The soft purple from the cropped cardigan with the purple skirt gives a perfect look if you plan on going out. The black turtleneck adds a darker tone to the outfit. But, the white purse and red heart-shaped earrings definitely brightens and ties this cute Valentine’s Day look together.  

The third outfit combines a girly and chic look at the same time.

Maybe you’re not so into dresses and skirts? Well, this third outfit combines a girly and chic look at the same time. Blues and pinks might create a contrasting look, but the pastel colors of the pink blazer and blue ribbed shirt create a softer, cotton candy color aesthetic. The dark jeans make the outfit more casual, but the heart-shaped purse, belt, and pumps add elegance. This can be a cute look for a small Galentine’s celebration or a day out with your significant other. 

The fourth outfit can really be worn on any day with a mix of casual and a reminiscence of Valentine’s day.

The next Valentine’s Day outfit can really be worn on any day. The white jeans give off a more casual style but the red-orange knit sweater is more reminiscent of Valentine’s Day. The brown puffer jacket and sneakers complement the red-orange sweater, giving it a trendy and more low-key Valentine’s Day look. Accessories like the dark orange handbag elevate the style slightly but make it an overall easy and cute outfit to replicate.  

The fifth outfit presents a sophisticated vibe.

According to an article by Who What Wear, a site known for fashion, sweater vests have taken the world by storm. In this fifth look, a pink sweater vest paired with brown corduroy pants gives a more sophisticated vibe. However, the pinkness still gives a subtle scent of Valentine’s Day. This look is cute for any Valentine’s Day activity; hanging out with friends and family or just sitting on your couch. 

The sixth and last outfit symbolizes love with a romantic touch of red.

Lastly, as red symbolizes love, the dark red color of the slitted long skirt gives a romantic touch to this outfit. The skirt pops out when matched with a black ribbed long sleeve and checkered jacket. The whole outfit gives a Parisian fashion style – specially the heels, beret, earrings and purse, which add to the romantic look and are perfect for a night out on Valentine’s Day.  

These outfits were created through a site called Codibook, where you can find daily outfit inspirations or create your own looks! 

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