UConn Women’s Lacrosse played a close game and ultimately won 14-11 against University of Albany on March 4, 2021. The game featured five ties and UConn pushed through to the win at the end with junior Lia LaPrise scoring two out of six goals in the second half. Photo by Maggie Chafouleas/The Daily Campus
A Waxing Gibbous moon hangs over the trees outside of the UConn Rec Center. This phase of the moon lasts about 7 days and is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not a full moon. Photo by Erin Knapp/The Daily Campus
The Dove Tower and Inverted Pyramid was created by Ilan Averbuch in 2004. The work, crafted with granite and steel, is said to be a counterbalance of the technical world of ITE with the world of imagination and fantasy. Photo by Eric Wang/The Daily Campus
The UConn Men’s Soccer team suffers a 0-2 defeat to the Providence Friars on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The first goal was scored on a penalty kick in the first half. Photo by Kevin Lindstrom/The Daily Campus
Bullzeye the Maine Coon stares ahead with curious eyes as he contently sits in his new favorite cardboard box. If Mr. B isn’t lounging on a comfy couch or bed you will most likely find him gazing out from an empty box, contemplating whether to play or to take a fat nap. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus
UConn Field Hockey battles Providence College to a 4-0 win on Sunday afternoon to grab their second win of the season. Jess Dembrowski had 2 goals while Claire Van Den Noort racked 2 assists in UConn’s first Big East win of the season. Photo by Matt Pickett/The Daily Campus
On Lunar New Year’s Eve, my family cooked steamed fish for surplus (center), roasted duck (left), fried dumplings (right), chicken in broth (top), soy sauce pickled beef (bottom), assorted vegetable stir fry for prosperity (bottom), baby bok choy with shiitake mushrooms, and eight-treasure rice for reunion (not pictured). Photo by Elizabeth He/The Daily Campus

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