UConn allows students to stay between Spring break and Summer

South campus and dorms. Students will be allowed to stay between spring and summer break. Photo by Eric Wang/The Daily Campus.

Changes to the University of Connecticut’s academic calendar due to the pandemic mean that residential students are required to move out by April 11, prior to final exams. However, students now have the option to apply to stay on campus until May 10.  

Kimberly Proulx, the Director of Housing Services for Residential Life, discussed the process with the Daily Campus.  

“This process is intended to provide housing for students with no alternative or viable housing options from April 12-May 10,” Proulx said.  

Proulx explained there are a number of factors which may make a student eligible for late stay. Among them are if the student is enrolled in an in-person course, if the student is participating in an academic internship or if the student is affiliated with a university team requiring accommodations after April 11. 

Other factors, such as if the student has inadequate access technology elsewhere causing difficulty for online courses, or if a student is unable to return home, will also be considered. 

“Students on university probation will not be permitted to remain on-campus,” Proulx said.  

Proulx said there is no cap for the number of students who can remain on campus after break.  

“There is not a predetermined number of spaces for students to remain on campus after April 11,” Proulx said. “We anticipate the number of students to be low, as it was announced early in the Spring semester that courses would be held remotely after Spring break through the end of the semester.” 

According to Proulx, students interested in late stay don’t need to worry about paying extra for it.  

“There is no additional cost to students who are approved to remain on campus after April 11.  This will include the meal plan, which ends for students on May 8,” Proulx said.  

The deadline to request a late stay request is Friday, March 26. Students interested in late stay must apply through the MyHousing online portal, and with the application on the Residential Life website.  

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