Culture Shock: Transness In Women’s Month


As Women’s Month nears an end, I just felt like I needed to get something off my chest. I’m nonbinary, but I’m still affected by misogyny. I’ve felt pretty excluded from conversations surrounding violence due to misogyny because of my gender identity, and I hope this is something that people can keep in mind when having these conversations in the future. Not only women are the targets of misogynist violence, and not only women are affected by it. There’s a large swath of the trans community that’s affected by misogyny as well, and we deserve to be included in conversations surrounding misogyny. (Also, I would like to clarify that this statement isn’t the same as cis men trying to insert themselves into the conversation and silence people speaking out because trans people don’t have the same kind of social capital that cis men do). It’s invalidating to reduce it to simply binary genders, and reductive to really only talk about it from a cisgender heterosexual lens. I just wish that we were considered more in conversations relevant to our experiences, and I’m disappointed in on campus organizations and peers who haven’t been inclusive of us this past month. Please do better in the future.

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