UConn sorority member accused of racist remark


The Panhellenic sorority Alpha Omicron Pi faced backlash last Thursday after a University of Connecticut student accused the recruitment chair of radical discrimination, according to an anonymous post on the Instagram page @Black.at.uconn.

The instagram page was created for Black, Indegenous, and People of color (BIPOC) to anonymously submit stories of their experiences at the University according to their Instagram biography.

The post states that a former recruitment chair had made a comment that demeaned the student’s appearance.

“The recruitment chair…told me I had to straighten my hair or I would be fined, while white girls were able to wear it naturally,” the post said. “The whole chapter supported her decision and basically said black hair is ugly. I can name a list of at least 20 girls in that chapter that are racist, especially exec.”

Another post said that they were made uncomfortable throughout the sorority recruitment process especially by majority white chapters, “specifically Alpha Phi,” a post from last Friday said.

“Later I wasn’t surprised to find out that their recruitment practices were based on racism when they’re told to recruit people that ‘look like them,” the post continued.

The Lambda Lambda chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi made a statement via their Instagram page apologizing for the actions of one of their members.

“We as an organization do not condone nor tolerate racist behavior in any way,” the post said. “Because this was recently brought to our attention, we are taking steps to investigate the situation and will continue to be transparent about updates regarding the situation going forward. This member will not go unpunished.”

The statement adds that they are committed to uphold their values of acceptance and diversity and holding each other accountable.

“We will continue to strive to educate our members through diversity and inclusion workshops, and provide a positive and welcoming environment,” the post said.

Students can submit anonymous reports through a link in the Instagram bio of @black.at.uconn

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