Roundtable: What is the best food at Rentschler Field?

The UConn football team plays against Holy Cross on Staurday @ 12 at The Rentschler. The Huskies lost 38-28 after a strong start winning at the end of the first quarter. (Photo Courtesy of: Julie Spillane/Daily Campus)

Whether covering the team or not, most of the DC Sports Staff has made it out to Rentschler Field for a UConn Football game. While obviously football is the main reason to show up to the stadium, the great food is an awesome bonus. From Bear’s BBQ to Chick-fil-A to the concession stands selling glizzys, there’s something for everyone, and our team of writers listed their favorites: 

The free food and the not so free beers 

Name: Taylor Coonan 
Campus Correspondent 

The best food at The Rent is the free food, with the exception of the newest beer, Husky Hops. I know this will be far from free, but I cannot wait to try this new ale. I’m already confident that it’s worth the likely $10 price tag. As someone who is, quite clearly, not particularly picky when it comes to food or drinks, I’m happy with whatever is served and anything I don’t have to pay for, but I’m even happier with a beer. Husky Hops, the latest and greatest product of a collaboration between UConn Athletics and Kinsmen Brewing Co., goes on sale at The Rent on Sat. October 16 during the football game against Yale. This will be UConn’s homecoming and I’m sure I will be coming home with a pack of cans. It’s a hazy IPA, so it’s something I actually look forward to paying for. They don’t call me IPA Tay for nothing, and I can’t wait to officially make this beverage my new favorite. There are few things in life that Taylor Coonan loves more than beer, sports and UConn in general so I know the 16th will be a big day for me.  

Bears BBQ 

Campus Correspondent

Any UConn fan who has been to Rentschler Field knows that Bears’ BBQ is the spot to hit. With a broad selection of traditional BBQ such as pulled pork, brisket or chicken sandwiches and some interesting new takes like the Bear Attack (Mac and cheese with brisket or pulled pork on it), there’s something for every BBQ lover. Although not great for your health, watching some UConn football while eating a Bear Attack on a nice fall Saturday just hits different. The broad selection of dishes and sauces makes the items on the menu difficult to get tired of, especially when you’re having it just six times a year. Unlike some other concession stands, Bears actually plates their dishes as ordered, adding an extra element of freshness to the meal and putting it above its competitors.  

Chick Fil A  

Evan Rodriguez
Campus Correspondent 

There’s nothing like a chicken sandwich with friends while watching some football. While it’s an unordinary food choice for a football game and wouldn’t work in the NFL, college football’s Saturday games work perfectly to keep fans happy and provide a quality product. With a wide array of sauces and sides, it’s an easy choice by many husky fans for a quick bite to eat and even better service. While Renschler Field’s version of Chick-Fil-A aims for a simplified menu that eliminates the chain’s iconic waffle fries, deluxe sandwiches and more, it still carries the chain’s iconic regular and spicy sandwiches, waffle chips, cookies, and more. There is simply no way to go wrong with this chain and it’s a great choice for any fan on gameday regardless of the outcome of games.  

The UConn football team plays against Holy Cross on Staurday @ 12 at The Rentschler. The Huskies lost 38-28 after a strong start winning at the end of the first quarter. (Photo Courtesy of: Julie Spillane/Daily Campus)

Chicken Fry Fry 

Cole Stefan
Campus Correspondent 

I’ve been to one game at Rentschler in my life and I did get lunch there in the form of a cooled Buffalo chicken wrap with some chips and a bottle of water. During one of several travels around the stadium, the name that stood out to me the most in between my inventory of photos taken was Chicken Fry Fry. The name sounds nice and most likely serves some of the best chicken you can think of. Imagine this for a second, you’re in a UConn dining hall and the line to get dinner is long. That is because chicken tenders (or any zesty chicken) are on the menu. With a full house at Rentschler, especially a packed student section, the lines by sections 123 and 140 are going to be massive. With a name like that, you know that their chicken is the best in the entire stadium. The next time I go, I may have to try some out myself. 

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