UConn Tell Me About It: Roommate tension and happy snacking

Pictured is the word “ADVICE” in white chalk on a black background. Homie B’s “Ask Me About It” is all about giving advice and helping out the students of UConn, regardless of their situation. Photo credit goes to Anna Tarazevich

Hello readers, and welcome back to another edition of your favorite advice column! Today’s edition of “UConn Tell Me About It” is all about roommate relationships and finding good food. As always, I’m Homie B., UConn’s anonymous advice-giver for any and every question on your mind. Let’s get into it! 

Q: Hi Homie B, I need some advice on a roommate situation. I don’t really talk to my roommate much, but it’s still pretty chill. It’s been a semester so far and we haven’t had any issues till this semester. I’m usually one to let others use my stuff if they need it. I brought an electric teapot with me to school and told them if they needed it they could use it. Oftentimes when I’m in the room they ask to use it, but suddenly out of nowhere they stopped asking and just started grabbing it when I’m there without my permission. Additionally, they sometimes have a guest over. I don’t mind, but their guest leaves their stuff on my side and it irritates me. Am I overreacting? And if not, how should I approach them?  

If you feel irritated by your roommate’s actions, you should definitely talk to them about it. You’re not overreacting. It is up to you, not anyone else, to decide your boundaries, as well as, communicate them. Your roommate will never know that you are annoyed with their actions unless you tell them. I completely understand that confronting roommates is uncomfortable. You have to live with this person every day, and the last thing anybody wants is to live with someone they have a tense relationship with. But you are already feeling some animosity towards your roommate, so at this point, you really have nothing to lose. If you are anxious about confronting them face-to-face, I recommend sending them a text instead. Keep your message friendly and casual, but don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you need from them to remedy the situation. If that means asking them to revert back to asking to use the teapot or telling them to keep the room tidy, do that. Overall, if you keep your message friendly, they likely won’t get defensive and will instead apologize, or at the very least, stop their annoying habits. 


Homie B.

Q: Is there any edible food anywhere at UConn? Struggling out here… 

Finding appetizing snacks in Storrs can be a struggle sometimes. I recommend trying as many places as you can over this semester. Try different dining halls, UConn cafes and local eateries. Once you find one that consistently delivers, make it your new go-to.  You can also check out this column by a Daily Campus food writer for some initial inspiration too! 

If you don’t know where to start when deciding what to eat, a good exercise to work through is asking yourself the following question: What texture, taste and amount of food am I craving? This question can help you narrow down your options and make choosing where to eat less overwhelming. If you’re craving a small, spicy snack try grabbing some buffalo cauliflower from One Plate, Too Plate. Or if you want something hearty and filling, grab a plate of food at McMahon. Once you find some comfort food that hits the spot, the food-scene in Storrs won’t seem so depressing! 

This has been “UConn Tell Me About It” by Homie B. Submit your questions for future columns to this anonymous form. You will be required to use your UConn email to access the form, but no email will be collected from the response. Responses will be published online and in-print on Mondays throughout the semester. See you next time! 

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