Dining Services announces changes to Fall 2022 menus, policies  


This summer, staff at the University of Connecticut’s Dining Services have planned changes to dining hall menus and policies.  

One change for the Fall 2022 semester is that dining halls will have more vegan and plant-based options, according to Dining Services’ Interim Executive Director, Tracey Roy.  

“At Dining Services, we are anticipating the start of the semester and looking forward to having our customers back in the units,” Roy said in an email. “We are still working out multiple food chain issues but we are excited to have new options within our units.”  

The new options include coconut yogurt, Sweet Earth’s chao cheese and Daiya cheese. Retail locations such as Crossroads and Union Street Market will also sell JUST Egg’s vegan sandwiches and a plant-based beef crumble.  

Roy said dining halls will offer breakfast taco and dumpling bars as well, with food options like Kielbasa and Pierogies.  

Two dining halls, Gelfenbien and Putnam, will now feature Grab & Go’s for students who don’t have time to sit down for lunch or dinner. These Grab & Go’s will be open 4-10 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and 4-8 p.m. on Fridays. Students will need to use points, flex passes, Husky Bucks or credit/debit to pay for Grab & Go meals.  

Menu items for Grab & Go include croissants, bagels, baguettes, salads and wraps served with chips, fruit and desserts for sides. The full menus for each dining hall can be found on Dining Services’ website.  

Another change to dining policies is the guest policy. Unlike in past semesters, students will now be able to use a flex pass to admit a non-UConn guest into any of the eight dining halls.  

Points, Husky Bucks and credit/debit can also be used on a guest instead of a flex pass, but prices vary depending on the time of day and the guest’s age. More details regarding payment can be found on Dining Services’ website.  

Just as in Spring 2022, dining halls will offer to-go containers to students who qualify and are approved to get them, such as those with medical needs, with conflicting schedules or in quarantine.  

Roy said Student Health and Wellness will notify Dining Services of any students needing to quarantine so that they can be eligible for to-go containers.  

“If you have been contacted by SHaW to quarantine, please know that Dining Services will receive your name and you will be able to get a to-go container at our dining halls,” Roy said.  

Students who believe they have conflicts due to internships, jobs or classes may request a bag meal with the form on Dining Services’ website.  

Another change for the fall semester is the continuation of the Green Piece program, which involves Dining Services selling reusable containers to students who want them, in efforts to help reduce waste.  

“Using a reusable to-go container helps Dining Services to cut back on buying paper containers, decreases our carbon footprint, and reduces waste,” Roy said.  

Students who choose to buy the containers will be able to use them at Earth, Wok & Fire; One Plate, Two Plates and Union Street Market in the Student Union. Additional details on how to enroll in the program and buy containers can be found at USM.  

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