Feel Good Friday: Center for International Students and Scholars hosts international dance workshop and coffee hour on Nigerian culture 


An Interview with International Dance Lessons Organizers and Participants 

International Dance Lessons’ Bollywood Dance Workshop was held in the CISS 202 on Friday, Nov. 18 from 4-5 p.m. During the lessons, participants could learn diverse international dances in a fun way. 

The event was organized by two current Ph.D. students, Snehaa Ray and Ranjana Burman. 

“Bollywood music is one of the biggest music industries in the world and Bollywood dance is very popular, so participants should enjoy dancing to Bollywood music. Students learn the art of Bollywood dance and enjoy performing it at festivals,” Ray and Burman said. 

In the event, the organizers demonstrated movements first, while participants followed their steps learning how to dance with the rhythm. 

“Hand gestures, neck and head movements, facial expressions, foot movements, and costumes are part of Bollywood dancing. Participants can learn Bhangra steps which are easy to learn and great to perform at events,” Ray and Burman said. 

Learning in harmony, participants grew closer and more excited to engage in the activities. By the end of the workshop, they learned to dance to a traditional Indian song.  

“Well, participants are very enthusiastic and they are good learners. We picked up the very fast dance song but they are very enthusiastic thereby following the steps well.” Ray and Burman said. 

The Coffee Hour: Nigeria which is the Last Coffee Hour Event This Semester. 

The Coffee Hour: Nigeria was held in the CISS 202 on Tuesday, Dec. 2 from 3-4 p.m. Since it was the last coffee hour of this semester, more students and staff members participated in the session than before.  

During the event, participants were introduced to many factors of Nigerian culture, including attractions, local food and special traditional refreshments.  The event started with a presentation by Joseph Adewuyi, a Ph.D. student at UConn. 

Adewuyi started the presentation by explaining the symbol of the colors of the flag and the geography of Nigeria, showing its location on the map. By extension, he gave a detailed account of the country’s etymology, demographics, background, language and cuisine. 

When Adewuyi showed pictures of traffic congestion in Nigeria, attendees who are from Nigeria started to laugh aloud, clapping their hands and attesting to their experience of it. 

The presentation lasted 40 minutes. At the end of the presentation, students were given the time to ask questions about Nigeria. In response, either Adewuyi or the undergraduate student presenters spoke about their experiences. 

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