Students react to finals week quickly approaching  


As the end of the semester approaches, final exams are around the corner. Students at the University of Connecticut are finishing their classes this week and have begun studying for finals week, beginning Dec. 12.  

Many students said they are not looking forward to finals week as it quickly approaches. Kathleen Tumminello, a first-semester geoscience major, said she is surprised finals season is already here. 

“They seemed so far away for such a long time and then they suddenly snuck up on me,” Tumminello said. 

Students explained that spending hours studying and cramming for their exams is both time-consuming and tiring. 

“Finals don’t usually stress me out too much, but all the studying is exhausting,” Chris Osuch, a third-semester computer science major, said. “The back-to-back late nights of cramming information before an exam is physically and mentally taxing.” 

Ethan Crumrine, a first-semester civil engineering major, said he is worried he won’t have enough time to study.  

“I’m not sure if I’m going to have enough time to study for everything effectively since all my exams are on the same day,” Crumrine said. 

Jane Winkleman, a first-semester undecided student, explained that she has finals scheduled for  this week as well, so she has even more work to do.   

“I have exams this week, so it’s kind of stressful to study for them and go to them on top of normal classes and work,” Winkleman said.  

Finals week begins Monday, Dec. 12 and ends Sunday, Dec. 18. There is a reading day on Thursday, Dec. 15. Nell Pena-Cuddeback, a fifth-semester animal science major, explained that she has a full load of finals this semester. 

“As a commuter, I can’t wait to have an 8 a.m. and a 6 p.m. on the same day!” Pena-Cuddeback sarcastically said.  

Some freshmen, like Zaina Nahas, are apprehensive about finals since they have never experienced college finals before. Nahas said she does not know what to expect.  

“I feel like it came faster than I thought it could,” Nahas said. “I have no idea how it’s going to look since I am freshman and no idea how hard it’s going to be compared to high school so that’s really scary.” 

The library has been busy this week as students begin reviewing what they learned throughout the semester. Valentina Gonzalez, a first-semester student, explained that she feels unprepared for finals. 

“It feels stressful and anxious about what’s coming up,” Gonzalez said. 

Overall, students expressed that they are not enjoying the finals season, the long hours spent studying and the multiple exams to follow next week.  

“I can’t wait for it to be over,” Ashley Harris, a third-semester psychology and human rights major, said.  

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