Rite Aid donates $4 million to nonprofits


The Rite Aid Healthy Futures organization donated over $4 million to more than 400 nonprofits last month. 

The organization aims to help local nonprofits through neighborhood grants. Out of the millions of dollars in donations, Rite Aid Healthy Futures donated $10,000 to six Connecticut-based nonprofits.  

Those six nonprofits were the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich, the Child Guidance Center of Southern CT in Stamford, the Covenant to Care for Children in Hartford, the Family & Children’s Aid in Danbury, the Filling in the Blanks in Norwalk and the ‘r Kids Family Center in New Haven, a press release said. 

Rite Aid Healthy Futures aims to support nonprofits with a focus on improving the education, wellness, mental health and more of each individual impacted by the money, a press release said. 

“We have a focus on certain issues, such as championing racial inequity, food poverty, youth development and recognizing the effects of poverty, racism and discrimination,” Matthew DeCamara, the Rite Aid Healthy Futures executive director, said. 

The announcement of the $4 million in grants came out on a day the organization calls Giving Tuesday. 

“This is an annual program, so each Giving Tuesday we provide $10,000 general operating support grants to more than 400 charities, most of whom are local,” DeCamara said. 

Rite Aid Healthy Futures gains its donations through Rite Aid customers rounding up their order totals in store.  

“We say ‘change drives change.’ Those extra few cents added onto customers’ bills generates more than $1 million per month,” DeCamara said. “That $1 million then come to Rite Aid Healthy Futures as a public charity and then we reinvest those funds into causes, charities and communities that enable us to champion equity and opportunity for all.” 

The organization is currently in 17 states, a press release said. The goal of Rite Aid Healthy Futures is to help communities in need to bring them equal opportunities. 

“​​Our commitment is to uplift our neighborhoods together,” DeCamara said.  

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