Lizzie’s Curbside celebrates 32 years with UConn 

Lizzie’s Curbside serves delicious hot food on Whitney Rd. outside of the Psychology building, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Photo by Izzi Barton, Staff Photographer/Daily Campus.

Lizzie’s Curbside catering has been a staple of the UConn community for the past 32 years. Located just outside of Bousfield on Whitney Road, the food truck has been serving delicious breakfasts and lunches to every hungry student, employee and faculty member from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. every weekday. Typically run by Lizzie, her husband and Izzy — or any combination of the three — they’re always there to start your day with a warm smile and fresh coffee. 

In celebration of their 32nd year on campus, Lizzie’s handed out free cake with all food purchases on Feb. 1. They were also pleasantly surprised by members of the UConn marching band who showed up to perform for them. It was a nice display of appreciation from the students for a food service that has been dedicated to the community for over three decades. 

Personally, I consider Lizzie’s to be the best food truck available on campus. They are constantly switching up their menu with new soups and specials to try, while also holding on to their most popular items. I’m not the only one who shares this opinion, as numerous other faculty and students have sung Lizzie’s praise. UConn alumni have even reached out over social media, expressing how one of the things they miss most from their undergraduate years is Lizzie’s food. 

Although Lizzie’s can typically be found in its usual location on Whitney Road, the crew has also been spotted at UConn events. I remember being relieved to see them at last year’s UCONNIC music festival, as well as on Fairfield Way briefly for a special event last semester. In addition to being accessible at the Storrs campus, Lizzie’s is also a routine option at local farmer’s markets in Coventry and breweries such as Tree House. 

Good food often represents good feelings, and Lizzie herself finds joy in supplying a community she loves. In an interview, she commented on her favorite part about being on campus. 

“The people,” she said. “The comradery and the people that come daily and just always compliment the food and how great the food is.” 

Lizzie shared a recent personal anecdote about a new customer who tried their “Eggplant Parm Sammy” and emphasized that he is very particular when it comes to eggplant. He returned the next day and claimed that was the best eggplant he’s ever had. Although it’s helpful to hear customer reactions like this, at Lizzie’s, the food really speaks for itself.  

“Stuff like that, that just made my day,” Lizzie said, reiterating her favorite part about the job.  

I’d recommend following Lizzie’s on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates on their menu, specials and schedule. They always give a heads up when they won’t be on campus for a particular reason, and regularly advertise their sales and promos on specialty soups and dishes. While my personal favorite is the “Mighty Mouth” breakfast sandwich, I would also encourage students to try the wildly popular “Husky Burger” or pulled pork sandwich.  

If you are looking for a change of food from the dining halls Lizzie’s can offer you a variety of scrumptious meals. Photo by Izzi Barton, Staff Photographer/Daily Campus.

Lizzie recommended “The Shroom” for any students who are thinking about trying their food for the first time. She always recommends it to freshmen as it hooks them for their inevitable return throughout their undergraduate career. Lizzie’s is also known for their condiments, with homemade barbeque sauce and their famous hellish relish just being a few. 

Another incredible appeal to Lizzie’s is their unofficial mascot: Mellow the golden retriever. On warmer days, you can see her on her leash by the fire hydrant. She always welcomes some pats and scratches, and is perfect if you’re looking to get some canine attention. Do be careful to watch your food when visiting Mellow though, as she too can’t help herself from Lizzie’s delicious sandwiches and has snatched one in the past.  

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Lizzie’s yet, I would strongly encourage you to do so. With the warm reception and celebration of their 32nd anniversary, I wouldn’t expect them to be moving anytime soon, but the more food you can get from them the better. Whether it be a quick snack on your way to class or a full meal to enjoy, you can always count on Lizzie’s to deliver.  


  1. This brings back one of the few great memories I have of my unwilling time spent on that deceitful campus. I’ll always remember the “hellish relish” and how it was a welcome respite from being subjected to the nonsense that was UCONN two plus decades ago! Great to see that some things are still real!

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