Event for pre-med students tomorrow

The University of Connecticut’s School of Medicine will be holding an event tonight, March 29, 2023, for prospective students. Illustration by Kaitlyn Tran/The Daily Campus.

This evening an event for University of Connecticut pre-medical students will be held on campus.

At 7 p.m. today, the CEO of UConn Health and the Dean of Admissions at the UConn School of Medicine will give students tips on how to get into medical school.  

The event, held in Oak Hall 101, will also emphasize aiding first generation pre-med students and those who identify with minority groups, sixth semester physiology and neurobiology major Mahmood Alomari explained. 

“Any pre health care student is encouraged to attend as the audience would have a chance to ask the guests questions,” Alomari said. 

Alomari played a major role in organizing tonight’s event in order to benefit himself and his peers. 

“We expect the guests to bring a clear pathway for the pre-meds on how to become successful doctors and the obstacles in this long journey,” Alomari said. “The CEO of UConn Health will also talk about the financial problems with the state budget and what we have heard lately on the news about the UConn budget.” 

Although the event is geared towards pre-med students, any student who is a STEM major or is interested in the field can attend, co-host and pathobiology major Mazien Agha explained. 

“The individuals who stand to gain the most from this opportunity are those who possess a strong passion and enthusiasm for the medical field yet may be uncertain about the precise nature of their future career paths,” Agha said. “The speakers will offer attendees information on various aspects of the medical field, including the admissions process, potential career options and the challenges and rewards of pursuing a medical profession.” 

Students will have the opportunity to ask the guests questions to benefit the rest of their undergraduate journey at UConn, Alomari expressed. A major purpose of the event is to fill a gap that UConn does not. 

“UConn doesn’t help the pre-med and pre-health students as they should. They should have a focus on us to help guide us to a clear pathway,” Alomari said, who is planning on attending medical school once he finishes his undergraduate degree at UConn. 

If tonight’s turnout is good and all goes well, there may be another similar event in the future. 

“Participants will be better equipped to make informed decisions about their future in medicine and will benefit from the support and camaraderie of like-minded individuals who share similar backgrounds and aspirations,” Agha said. “Also, by attending this event, these individuals will have the unique chance to engage with and learn from both the guest speakers and their fellow pre-medical students.” 

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