Rapid Fire: Replacing TikTok 

There has been recent talk about the popular social media app TikTok being banned. The Daily Campus Opinion section answers the question: If TikTok gets banned, which app will take its place? Illustration by Sarah Chantres/The Daily Campus

If we’re lucky in the Opinion section, we work through our beliefs completely and support them with great arguments. But sometimes, we don’t need a deeper reason to hold our convictions. Rapid Fire is for those tweet-length takes that can be explained in just a sentence or two — no more justification needed.  

In this Rapid Fire, writers gave their opinions on the question: If TikTok gets banned, which app will take its place?  

Nell Srinath,
Associate Opinion Editor:

The potential ban on TikTok would cast a dark shadow on today’s youth. But shadows don’t always have to be bad, as with our sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends™. 

Harrison Raskin,

Perhaps nothing will, and there will be a mass exodus to China in order to keep using the most popular app ever. 

Dan Stark,
Weekly Columnist:

In his most heroic act to humanity, Elon Musk will bring back Vine and restore our society to its 2015 glory.  

Owen Silverman,
Weekly Columnist:

Tinder Reels. You have six seconds to convince someone you’re worth the date, otherwise users will swipe up instead of left.  

Sam Zelin,
Managing Editor:

I don’t know, but on a completely unrelated note, I just started watching TokTik! Again, it’s completely unrelated, and totally not just TikTok with a funny mustache and big glasses. 

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