Healthy Huskies: Self-care during the summer  

The summer season can make it hard to practice self-care. Many feel sad being away from college friends, having more free time and being around family can be hard for some. However, it’s still important to practice self-care in as many ways as possible. Illustration by Krista Mitchell/The Daily Campus

As the summer months begin to approach, it is important to remember the practice of self-care. While summer is a fun time for most, many people can still experience struggle and sadness. For example, being away from college friends, having more free time and being around family can be a hardship for some. If you tend to have struggles during the summer months, it’s important to take care of yourself in as many ways as possible.  

Don’t Overwork Yourself 

During the summer, most college students end up taking one or more summer jobs. While employment and making money is important for many students, it is vital to remember to not overwork yourself. If you take too many hours at your job, it can quickly lead to unnecessary stress and burnout. Try to talk to your employer and make time in your schedule for breaks and days off of work. That way, you can avoid burnout and stress during your months off of school.  

Make Time for Socialization   

In the same vein, it is important to make time for socialization and activities with friends. Many students may struggle with being away from their friends from college. During the summer, remember to make time for fun and social activities. Gather a group of friends for ice cream or head to the beach! Try out something new, like an art class or joining a gym during your time off. If you fill your time with fun activities, you are likely to experience less feelings of boredom and loneliness.  

Spend Time in the Sun!  

Vitamin D is a critical part of your health. Vitamin D is proven to increase mood and overall health, making you feel better in the long run. It can also greatly affect your mental health. Getting enough sunshine can increase your mood and make you feel better. Make sure to spend some quality time in the warm sun this summer! Lay out on the beach or take a hike around a park or nature preserve. Just be sure to wear sunscreen!  

Get Physical Activity 

While it is important to take time to rest during the summer, keeping on top of your physical activity is vital as well. You don’t have to join a gym and start making drastic changes in order to keep on top of your physical health, but it is important to stay active. Going for a swim, taking a walk or going on a hike are all things that you can do to stay on top of your physical activity.  

Eat Enough! 

Summer can be especially challenging in regards to taking care of our bodies and eating patterns. Many young people struggle with their body image, especially during the warmer months. During the summer — and pretty much the entire year — it is important to make sure you are eating enough food. Try to aim for at least three meals a day. Honor your hunger signals and have snacks if you feel hungry. You deserve to fuel yourself adequately and enjoy your summer regardless of your body image. Remember that every body is a beach body!  

With these tips, hopefully you will be able to make the most of your summer break while also taking care of yourself! Remember to take breaks and not overwork yourself in your job or internship. Spending time in the sunshine and having fun with friends and family can make for a better mood and more happiness during your break. Remember the importance of staying active while also fueling your body properly. And remember that you deserve to have fun and enjoy summer activities regardless of body image. Have fun this summer and good luck during the last stretch of the semester, Huskies!  

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