Laura Marano’s new album ‘I may be an actress, but I can’t fake how I feel’ is vulnerable, honest and intense 

Pictured is Laura Marano’s album cover for “i may be an actress but i can’t fake how i feel.” The artist’s debut album, released September 15th, encompasses her search for her own identity and the vulnerability she felt on her journey. Photo credit to Laura Marano

On Sept. 15, the album “I may be an actress, but I can’t fake how I feel” was released on all platforms. Even though it isn’t Laura Marano’s first song, it’s her debut album. Many of her fans were excited to hear more personal music from her since most of her songs went to Disney shows. 

Marano explained in an interview that her inspiration for the album reflected her life so far and the patterns she has created for herself. Marano wanted the listeners to feel like they were in her head, processing different feelings about her life. 

Throughout the songs, listeners can understand different stages of her life and the decisions she had to make. Marano crafted an album where she could be totally vulnerable, making it possible for listeners to relate and feel like a part of her life. In numerous songs, she expresses how her job as an actress made her platonic and romantic relationships difficult to maintain. 

In her song “Someday,” she explains how acting affected her romantic relationships. In an interview, Marano explained that the lyrics, “Someday, you’ll kiss a girl who won’t kiss other lips ‘cause of her job. You won’t have to be the jealous type,” describe how her career affected her relationships. 

Her album also discussed her state of mind after ending her contract with Disney, describing how she felt lost and overwhelmed with the transition. This made her fall into a cycle of thinking she wasn’t enough and powerless regarding her identity and career. 

Writing music helped her find herself again. She wrote many songs about how she felt, but she never published them for fear of being vulnerable in front of her fans and critics. Marano explained in an interview with Cherry Picks that songwriting is “more personal than acting. That makes it way scarier, but in a lot of ways, way more rewarding when people connect to it.” 

Marano went to X and TikTok a few months ago to ask her fans’ opinions on releasing her debut album. She was bombarded with support. The excitement didn’t stop, and the album didn’t disappoint. Marano wrote the album in a way that everyone can relate to at least one song. 

Overall, ‘I may be an actress, but i can’t fake how I feel’ by Laura Marano is an album full of emotions: sadness, loss and confusion coupled with happiness, self-discovery and love. It’s like you are her closest friend and she is confiding in you. It’s definitely worth checking out. 

Rating: 3.5/5 

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