New skin-crawling season of “American Horror Story”  

“American Horror Story” is known for its thrilling stories and its many plot twists and turns. The thriller’s latest season, Season 12, is based on a book called “Delicate Conditions” by Danielle Valentine. Illustration by Haleigh Schmidt/The Daily Campus

“American Horror Story: Delicate,” the 12th and newest season, is better and creepier than the previous with part one now available on most streaming platforms. This season really exceeded expectations. Not only did it have an amazing storyline, but a different approach to the storytelling too. 

The cast for these first episodes is absolutely to die for. The cast included a long list of A-list celebrities: Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Matt Czuchry, Leslie Grossman, Denis O’Hare and Billie Lourd. 

This season is based on Danielle Valentine’s book “Delicate Conditions.” “Delicate Conditions,” tells the story of a woman named Anna Alcott. She is always in the public eye as an indie actress and as she struggles through a journey with IVF, she starts to suspect someone is going to great lengths to make sure she doesn’t get the family she desperately wants. As you can imagine, American Horror Story’s interpretation — based on a thriller story — creates a plot-line even more twisted and terrifying than the book itself. 

The first episode — that was recently released — had some really creepy scenes. Perhaps because it involved a woman (played by Roberts) with a spider in her uterus, or because random spider webs would be found on her body. But, truly such scenes get you hooked by the story. 

It’s also important to mention how they included fame and Hollywood through a distorted lens. The season really showed the movie industry and public pressure as being sketchy, judgy and full of prejudice.  

Likewise,  it was really awesome how they incorporated Kim Kardashian into the episode. They made her presence known, yet it did not take away from the story and plot. 

Even though some might not agree with the idea of having a celebrity that is not a typical actor play roles, having Kim Kardashian in this episode made it more interesting. Maybe if you go in blind and see her there you’ll be a bit shocked. But even if you don’t, having her there brings you back to reality and makes you realize it’s just a show.  

The spiderwebs in Roberts’ hair definitely felt a bit like Spider-Man vibes. But it quickly changed to a totally creepy feel as the episode progressed. The whole spider arc made the episode more intense and captivating. There’s no other animal that would have made the episode as creepy as our favorite– spiders. 

Overall, this season of “American Horror Story” is going to leave you uncomfortable and maybe a permanently arachnophobe. But it’s definitely a show you should watch! All the actors and celebrities did an amazing job. It felt very real the entire time, even in these unrealistic circumstances. And the storyline is impeccable to say the least! The next episode airs on Sept. 27.  

Rating: 4.5/5 

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