Just Being Devine: Transitional clothing – Spring 2017


Not only are scarves a great way to jazz up literally any outfit, they are also a smart add on top of your spring sweater in case it gets chilly. (Alex “Skud” Bayley/FlickrCreative Commons)

Open your weather app. Are you confused? You’re not alone. Yesterday felt like it was 100 degrees and today feels gloomy and chilly. Spring weather is more back-and-forth than your participation grades and leaves us confused every morning when we look in our closet.

I have always been a firm believer that personal style is way, way more important than trends. Therefore, if you keep a few staples pieces in your wardrobe then you are guaranteed to always look chic. That being said, succumbing to seasonal style often takes precedence over buying “that button down you’ll wear forever.” So to combat the never-ending battle of style versus trends, here are a few pieces to buy this Spring to help up your trend game but not break the bank by revamping your entire wardrobe.

1. Lightweight scarves: Not only are scarves a great way to jazz up literally any outfit, they are also a smart add on top of your spring sweater in case it gets chilly. I would recommend getting on in a solid color so you can wear it with any outfit sans risk of pattern-distraction.

2. Slide-on sneakers: I can attest to how fashionably life-saving these puppies are in the transitional weeks. They miraculously go with every outfit in your closet and are so comfortable that you will genuinely get sad when it gets warmer out because you won’t be able to wear them anymore.

3. Mirrored sunglasses: There’s something about sunglasses that adds a little sass to any ensemble. Mirrored glasses are great because no one can see where you’re looking (is that weird to say?). Plus they act as a headband when you get to class and are really hot and need to get the hair away from your forehead.

4. Slip dress: This is a trend that came back last year and has stayed in style throughout the year. These little dresses are perfect for the unbearably hot days and even the days that are colder. Wear a long-sleeve shirt under the slip and hang a leather jacket off your shoulders for a fashion-forward spring statement.

5. Silk duster: I just bought one last week and have been living in it. It’s just enough fabric to cut a chill in the air but isn’t heavy enough to leave you feeling overheated. You can wear these non-jackets over any outfit to add layered depth and also create diversity in your textures.

6. Mules: No, no. Not the animal. These are those slide-on shoes with the little heel (not kitten heel). These shoes are perfect for work, class, shopping around with friends and even going out to dinner at the end of the night.

7. Mixing and matching colors: “You need to get out of your comfort zone,” said all of our friends about everything in our lives. Take their advice tomorrow and wear two colors you aren’t used to pairing together. You might be surprised with how much you like it.

Jacqueline Devine is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at jacqueline.devine@uconn.edu.

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