Editorial: UConn’s incoming freshman bring hopes for a bright future


As the 2017 fall term kicks off at UConn, we are honored to welcome a whopping 5,230 new freshman to our university. While you are here we promise to help further your education and offer opportunities to grow as a student, friend and leader. In return, we know you will help better our university in the coming years.

This year’s application and selection process was one of the most intensive and difficult to date. With an ever-growing number of students applying to UConn and competing for spots, it is no surprise this year’s freshman class is the most impressive to date.

Over the past few years, UConn’s incoming freshman classes have continuously become more distinguished in their diversity, leadership, involvement and academic excellence. The class of 2021 is no different. This year the freshman class boasts 161 valedictorians, more than any class prior and has accepted 549 students into the honors program. With this astounding number of excelling students, the class of 2021 has a reputation that precedes them and is creating high expectations for what they will accomplish in their time at UConn.

As with all universities, UConn values diversity in the student body. While the new freshman class is slightly less diverse than last year’s, at 35.1 percent, it is composed of 510 international students, which is more than ever before. As with domestic students, the number of international applications has increased significantly, up 24 percent since last year, further proving that the university is becoming even more prestigious and the student body is becoming more distinguished every year.

The class of 2021 is by far one of the most highly ranked groups of students to ever pass through UConn’s doors. Our school should be proud that we are welcoming such accomplished scholars into our classes, clubs and teams. Most importantly, we are inviting this freshman class to leave a lasting legacy on the university just as those before us have done.

To the new freshman, we would like to thank you for the contributions, both present and future, that we know you will make to our school during your time here. It is you that will pave the way for future incoming students and it is you that will keep the fantastic reputation that you have already brought to UConn alive for years to come.

Emma Hungaski is the associate opinion editor for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at emma.hungaski@uconn.edu.

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