Editorial: UPass is what commutes have been waiting for


(Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

One of the newest services provided to UConn students this semester is the UPass, a pass to ride the CTtransit bus service. The UPass, which is paid for by student tuition, allows students and faculty to travel to UConn’s Storrs, Stamford, Waterbury and Hartford campuses with additional stops on the way at no additional charge.

This system is a positive step for UConn toward a more organized and commuter-friendly transportation system. The pass is very simple to obtain; one must only complete a form on the UPass website to have a pass mailed directly to their home or school address. The pass can then be shown every time a student boards the bus service, along with a student ID.

A quick and easy system such as this will greatly alleviate the stress of finding parking on UConn campuses, especially for commuters. Additionally, it allows students to take classes at several different campuses. This will be a huge benefit to commuters who would like to take classes that may not be offered at their branch campuses, but are offered only at the Storrs main campus. Similarly, Storrs students who need to report to the UConn Health Center or other internship and co-op locations will have other means to commute to these areas. The buses even run from 5:45 a.m. to midnight for students who have early classes or internships, as well as those who might simply need to spend a late night at the library.

The UPass will also be beneficial to students who live on campus but want to travel outside of Storrs either to go home for a weekend or break or to visit a new area of Connecticut. They need only ride the bus service to one of several stops in between the campus destinations, where they can then board other Connecticut transit lines, such as CTfastrak, Shore Line East and the intrastate New Haven Line to have access to attractions in Hartford, New Haven and elsewhere.

For those who wish to pursue an education, it is imperative that they be granted to resources they need to travel to and from their academic institutions. UConn’s collaboration with the UPass service will surely make this process easier for commuters, all the while providing plenty of opportunities for those wishing to reap the full benefits of UConn’s academics across Connecticut.

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