Calista’s Cinema Conversations: Films you’ll want to watch twice


Have you ever gotten to the end of a film, and everything makes sense, but you kind of want to watch it again with your newfound knowledge of what is going on? Or seen a film that doesn’t make sense even when you finish the movie and you want to see if rewatching it will clarify anything? Well, this week is dedicated to both of those kinds of films, the films that you are left wanting to rewatch.

The 2013 film “Now You See Me” took the idea of the greatest magic act to the extremes, following four magicians as they pull off not only an amazing magic trick but an elaborate heist. The magic tricks, sleight of hand and other quick tricks of the eye will make you want to go back to see how it’s done. Most importantly, the plot twist at the end of the film will blow your mind and make you want to start the film over to look for clues you didn’t see before.

Though the horror genre has a lot of films that use the technique of leaving clues throughout the film to a plot twist or big revelation, “The Others” and “Orphan” are the most notable. These two films begin with death and mourning within a family and continue to use the emotions of deep sorrow and fear for the safety of their family members to create an extremely shocking and intense finale.

An extremely recent horror-esque psychological thriller film is Jordan Peele’s movie “Us.” Since it is still in theaters I will not give away the ending, but the basic premise is of a family that tries to escape from people who are trying to kill them. The strangest and most terrifying characteristic of these killers: They look exactly like their would-be victims. “Us” was a nail-biting, heart-pounding story that had you guessing up until the end credits and had a plot twist that made the film very re-watchable.

Probably two of the most iconic examples of films that were designed to be rewatched are “Memento” and “Fight Club.” Both had an unsettling atmosphere that made the gritty and ominous atmosphere perfect settings for their uneasy and uncertain plots.

As finals loom over our heads and the promise of summer is not far off, this is a list of films to watch between finishing stressful exams, essays or projects. Take a small break from studying too much and enjoy the sun or watch a film with friends.

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