Husky on the Road: Stay-cation this summer


A picnic is a great way to have a stay-cation this summer.  Photo by    Maria Ilves    on    Unsplash

A picnic is a great way to have a stay-cation this summer. Photo by Maria Ilves on Unsplash

It makes me sad to think that this is the final column of Husky on the Road this year. We have ventured to some pretty cool places, both hidden local gems like Diana’s Pool, and big cities like New York and Boston. We also had to adjust to traveling remotely, through the pages of good books and virtual tours. I know that this wasn’t the 2020 anyone was expecting, but I’m proud of our community at UConn for rising above adversity and continuing to have new adventures. 

With classes about to end, and summer looking a bit unpredictable, here are some ideas to make it the best stay-cation yet!

1. Day at the pool

Don’t have an inground pool but want to feel like you’re lounging at a fancy resort? Inflatable pools are no longer just for kids. If you don’t have a pool at home, I suggest purchasing one from Mini Dip, a company that makes fun and colorful wading pools meant for adults. Put on a cute bathing suit and sunglasses and pack a towel and sunscreen. Lastly pour yourself a glass of lemonade and you’re ready for a relaxing getaway. How about making it a pool party? Invite your friends to do the same and set up your computer (a safe distance from the water) for a video chat. This way you don’t even have to share your snacks. 

2. Scrapbook

With the use of social media and phones, people rarely actually print out their photos. However, there is nothing like looking through a photo album of memories. Scroll through your old photos of adventures you’ve had and order prints. Not only is it a great keepsake, but it can also be a way to escape to other places and relive the fun all over again. 

3. Try something new 

One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying different kinds of food. To travel by taste, make a theme night such as Indian or Greek and try out some new recipes in the kitchen. For this activity you might need to plan ahead to order specific ingredients. If you don’t love to cook, you can also find out what local restaurants in your area are offering takeout and try something new. Set the ambiance with authentic music as you explore a new kind of cuisine. 

4. Go on a picnic 

On a nice sunny day, why not go for a picnic? Find a big towel or blanket and pack a basket with all of the essentials like watermelon and grilled cheese sandwiches (or whatever you have in your pantry). Find a nice spot in your backyard and take in nature. This is a great time to unwind, practice mindfulness and focus on the little things. You can picnic alone or invite someone you live with to come along.  Don’t forget to bring a camera and ice cream for dessert. 

I hope everyone has a great summer and I cannot wait to reunite with my fellow Huskies soon.

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