President Katsouleas encourages students to vote ahead of Election Day


University of Connecticut President Thomas Katsouleas sent an email to the UConn community yesterday to address the importance of voting and give advice for the upcoming election.  

“We sincerely hope that every eligible member of our community — and every American — takes the time to exercise their right to cast a ballot for the candidates of their choice,”  Katsouleas wrote.  

The email included information about registering to vote, mail-in ballots, locations of ballot boxes as well as informational links to view.  

The president also highlighted the state’s same-day registration program and how the influx of mail-in voters this year might cause a delay in those processes.  

In the past, many UConn students have taken advantage of same-day registration and cast their ballots typically in the same trip.  

Katsouleas encouraged students to register before casting in their vote in order to prevent issues when voting.  

Katsouleaus also noted the uncertainty of how the coronavirus pandemic will affect how students will vote, especially students who have to medically quarantine during that time. 

Although many polling stations will require masks and social distancing, students may feel uncomfortable showing up to vote.  

The president noted that registering and voting by absentee ballot will clear up uncertainties as well as in case a student might have to quarantine during Election Day.   

“A student who is perfectly fine in late October might find themselves in isolation by Election Day, meaning they cannot go into public to cast their ballot and would miss their chance to vote,” Katsouleas said. 

Although coronavirus clusters on the Storrs campus are currently low, Katsouleas reminded students that there still is uncertainty if that will remain in time for the election.  

“While we have a very low prevalence of the virus on our campuses at the moment, none of us can predict the future, even a few weeks away.”  

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