Books to add to your summer reading list 


Whether your ideal summer consists of sunbathing by the pool, working at a dream internship or traveling around the world, it is essential to fit some summer reading in your schedule for some downtime. Fortunately, popular social media reading communities like BookTok and BookTube have recommended some amazing books of all genres and interests for the summer, so let’s get into it! 

“People we Meet on Vacation”  

This Emily Henry novel has made waves on social media over the past year, and is also a New York Times bestseller. The colorful and retro covers of Henry’s books stand out at any bookstore and make the perfect poolside read. The novel focuses on two best friends and an annual summer trip they used to take, until they had a mysterious falling out. Years later, the pair decides to rekindle this trip and work through their issues. The novel travels through time by revisiting previous trips the characters had taken together and leads readers to discover what actually happened on the last trip they took. This rom-com is a light, heartwarming read with spirited characters that absolutely has to be on your summer reading list. 

“Beach Read” 

Since we are already on the topic of Emily Henry books, I have to include her infamous “Beach Read” on this list. If you are a fan of the “opposites attract” romance trope, this book could not be more perfect for your summer reading list. The plot focuses on a female romance novel author who no longer believes in true love, and a literary writer who struggles with writer’s block. The pair agrees to spend the summer writing novels of the other person’s preferred style to potentially solve the writing issues they are both experiencing. The beachy setting of this novel makes it ideal for an upcoming beach vacation or to your local beach if you are lucky enough to live near one. 

“One Italian Summer”  

This Rebecca Serle novel is for those who do not prefer romance and crave a deeper meaning when they finish a book. The main character is a young woman named Katy whose mother recently passed away. Katy’s mother was her best friend, and they had planned the trip of a lifetime to Positano, Italy before her mother passed. As Katy embarks on this journey alone to heal her soul, she encounters her mother on the Amalfi Coast as a healthy 30-year-old woman. This love story between a mother and daughter is heartbreaking yet joyful and will definitely make you want to hug your mom tight. The gorgeous sceneries of the Amalfi Coast are just an added bonus to Serle’s seamless writing.  

“The Suite Spot”  

The final novel included on this recommendation list is for those who are spending their summer on a lake or simply want to admire the novel setting of lazy, summer island towns. “The Suite Spot” focuses on a single mother who decides to move from her hotel reservation manager job in Miami to a management position at a brewery hotel on Kelleys Island in Lake Erie. She meets a moody but ruggedly handsome man on the island, whose passion is to brew beer, but knows nothing about running a hotel. He offers her a chance to rebuild her life by combining their talents to build a hotel with him on this sleepy island, which leads into a captivating, slow-burn romance. The plot of this novel is unique from any other summer book I have read and is definitely worth reading! 


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