Pearlman Cup: The Daily Campus set to whip UCTV into shape 

The Daily Campus practices for this year’s Pearlman Cup, which is set to occur on October 15. Photo by Grace McFadden/The Daily Campus

This Saturday, one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports will resume after a three year hiatus. That’s right, the Pearlman Cup is back and will be more exciting and heated than ever. If you’re wondering what the Pearlman Cup is, you’ve probably been living under a rock, but we’ll fill you in because we don’t see the television folks covering it.  

The Pearlman Cup is a yearly fall 7-on-7 flag football game between The Daily Campus, UConn’s independent student newspaper and UCTV, UConn’s former television station. While UCTV has done well in the past, it’s a brand new era as the DC looks to create a streak of their own.  

“A win would mean the world for the Daily Campus,” said Zachary “Big Business” Wisnefsky, current DC business manager. “We have heard the stories of the struggle in this last decade, and we have heard the commentary leading up to this championship. We know we have few supporters out in the world of punditry, but we like it that way. The more people doubt us, the more it fuels our fire. On Saturday, the Daily Campus will run out onto the field as a team on a mission. We will be locked in until the final whistle blows. In life, winning is not everything, but right now the Pearlman Cup means everything to the Daily Campus. UCTV should start getting ready, because they do not know what is coming on Saturday.” 

In fact spirits are high coming into Saturday’s beatdown, with Team DC putting in plenty of work throughout the three long off-seasons. The day of pain and reckoning has come for UCTV, according to the paper’s editor-in-chief and head coach. 

“We need to come out on the field and win,” noted Harrison “Madden” Raskin. “There’s no way to sugarcoat things. We’ve been putting in the work and the investment all season, it’s what we’ve built towards and our team knows we have what it takes. We’re definitely pulling for a division upgrade soon. Tier IIIs just haven’t been putting out in this conference and in future seasons we deserve to face a fair competition.” 

“A win would mean the world for the Daily Campus,”

Zachary “Big Business” Wisnefsky

That work and investment culminated in what definitely wasn’t the team’s first practice, held this past weekend at the site of the game. There was teamwork and camaraderie abound, and the whole squad knew it. 

“What I loved in practice last weekend was our synergy,” explained Wisnefsky. “UCTV is likely coming into this game thinking they only need to stop two or three players to lift the trophy. Little do they know we are a team that loves to spread the ball around offensively. We are a defense that feeds off each other’s energy; when one person makes a tackle, the whole team celebrates. From our coaching staff to our players, we are one cohesive unit. That was clear at practice last weekend and that will be clear at the game tomorrow.” 

“We came together like I knew we could,” Raskin said of the team’s practice. “Offense was tight, we were ahead of our own plays and I’ve never seen us hit that hard. We better take it easy this weekend or we’ll be looking at some serious penalties!” 

There are a couple important keys to the game–just like the imaginary key that UCTV uses to get into their imaginary building–which will likely turn the tide for the winning team. 

The Pearlman Cup is taking place this Saturday. Come to the Great Lawn to see the Daily Campus beat UCTV. Illustration by Van Nguyen/Daily Campus.

“Teamwork and execution are the keys to victory,” said Carson “Big Dawg” Swick, copy editor for the DC. “We can have all the talent in the world, but UCTV will beat us if we don’t play together and in sync. That means running crisp routes and pulling flags.” 

The DC has an influx of five-star recruits thanks to some Hurley and Co.-esque maneuvers. Before UCTV gets completely thrown by the team’s talent, let’s look at the skillsets of just some of the Fighting Campus Correspondents. 

“I would describe my playstyle as a QB as wavering between being a game manager and a gunslinger,” Wisnefsky noted. “The Daily Campus offense is designed to break defenses down. We can both methodically trot down the field, but also surprise you with a big play. If I had to pick a QB to compare myself to, I would say it is Andrew Luck. There are many facets to my game (I would consider myself a dual-threat) but I am by no means perfect. There will be mistakes, there may be interceptions, but when you need a drive down the field to win the game, I will deliver.” 

“My play style is very fast paced,” said Jon “Sticky Fingers” Synott, current sports editor. “I may not lead the team in targets, but know that I’ll always be that threat downfield for a flashy play. On the opposite side of the field, I pray that UCTV doesn’t underthrow their receivers, because they’d be asking to get picked off. I don’t like to look towards my subordinates, but if I had to make an NFL comparison, I would say I am a cross between Tyreek Hill, Calvin Johnson and prime Darrelle Revis.” 

“I feel like I’d be doing myself a disservice by just putting myself in a box and limiting myself to a single position,” mentioned Stratton “Silly Steve” Stave, current associate sports editor. “I can really do a variety of things, but at the end of the day, it’s whatever it takes to bring home the dub. I can deal out an insane blindside hit, return punts, deliver pancakes, whatever the team needs. I just want to be that guy for the Fighting Campus Correspondents.” 

The Daily Campus practices for this year’s Pearlman Cup, which is set to occur on October 15. Photo by Grace McFadden/The Daily Campus

“Consider me the team Swiss Army knife,” explained Nick “Roundhouse Kick” Spinali. “Wherever coach tells me to play, I’ll play. I’m hoping that I can bring an all-around style of play to my team this Saturday. I hope that translates into very few mistakes taking place on the field among my teammates and I.” 

To bring up some final thoughts before the big game, Stave cited an excellent point – the differences between the two Tier III organizations and how it will affect the final score. 

“At the DC, we have a certain level of superiority when you compare us to UCTV,” noted Stave. “For starters, we have our own building. UCTV just can’t relate, which is kind of embarrassing. That doesn’t surprise me though, seeing as they also forgot to do what they were created to do. For an organization called UCTV, they seem to be lacking the TV part with nothing but static showing up when I try to go to channel 14. At the Daily Campus, we have a mission that we follow through on. We produce a daily paper. With our ability to actually do our job, I feel confident in our ability to take home the hardware Saturday.” 

The slaughtering-to-be will take place at 12 p.m. this Saturday on the Founder’s Green between the Austin and Family Studies Buildings. The game will be broadcast live by none other than DC staff writer Cole “Coleumn” Stefan on YouTube starting at kickoff, with an Instagram Live pregame show. 

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