‘Kaleidoscope’ is a colorful heist show with a unique twist 

Kaleidoscope is a new heist mini-series on Netflix. Read more to see to see the rating of the show. Illustration by Zaire Diaz/Daily Campus.

Who doesn’t appreciate a good heist show? Adding to the already thrilling heist genre, Netflix’s recently released miniseries, “Kaleidoscope,” incorporates a unique twist. Each of the eight episodes in the series is identified by one of the following colors: Green, Violet, White, Pink, Yellow, Red, Blue or Orange. Every individual who views the series is given their own unique sequence of episodes, though “White” is always presented as the series finale. Of course, viewers still have the freedom to choose how they would like to watch the series. 

“Kaleidoscope” follows the stages prior to, leading up to and following a heist. It tells the stories of seven team members and shows how and why they are aiming to attain seven billion dollars in bonds. There are several side stories involving love, heartbreak and identity that help the show flow. Secrets are revealed, betrayals are made and lives are put at risk. All of these factors make “Kaleidoscope” the intriguing series that it is.  

The thought of the show being displayed differently to each viewer may sound daunting or confusing. I found it not to be so. All of the episodes correlate in a way that your questions will almost immediately be answered; if not, you will find moments of foreshadowing that you cannot help but keep in the forefront of your mind as you continue watching.  

Many people who have already watched the show have shared their randomized episode orders online. Some claim that there is a “correct” or “best” way to watch the show. For some, this is simply the chronological order of events. For others, it is a specially curated order that they believe creates the most enjoyable viewing experience. I believe that every viewer should give their assigned order a chance before resorting to online recommendations.  

The supposed Leo Pap is the mastermind behind this heist. His story drives “Kaleidoscope.” It illustrates the fall of his moral character, what drives him to accomplish this grand theft and how he lives with himself in the aftermath. Pap brings the heist team together and assigns each of them a very specific role. While his plan is clever, it is also extremely delicate. The seven billion dollars in bonds are under the protection of the highly and widely respected Roger Salas, whom Pap has a history with. Pap vows to destroy Salas’ reputation in an effort of reclaiming his own. Whether or not he will succeed is up to how well his team follows his instructions.  

While many reviews of “Kaleidoscope” are negative, I feel the show is of merit. Pap is a clever character and a large contributor to making the show so compelling. Not only that but the producers and writers of the show are also clever with the concept of episodes being displayed in random order. This way, there is a varying mixture of energetic, adventurous and emotional moments. Apart from this, the randomness makes the show riveting and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.  

Rating: 5/5 

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