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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Hey y’all! Welcome to UConn. I’m Harrison, the new Editor-in-Chief. The Daily Campus has been a home of multiple sorts for me throughout a truly weird college experience, complete with a global pandemic snatching my 2020 spring break and then more than a year of in-real-life work and classes. But who would we be today without the trauma of the past?  

I entered UConn as a Philosophy-Linguistics and History major, and I’m graduating as a major in Urban and Community Studies and Spanish. I started writing in the Opinion section aggravated by the common struggles of being a college student: commodification of education and life, bureaucracy and a lack of say for students, workers and faculty in the way the university is run. I quickly realized how many people were working to change these problems and how The Daily Campus could be, rather than a journalism internship or resume item, an independent voice for social criticism. Opinion, News and Life—even Sports in their own way—have consistently documented and analyzed the development of campus politics, encouraging critical thought and action. 

In part, that background took me from writer to editor to board member to EIC. But, The Daily Campus is also a place of discussion, debate and enjoyment of food, sports, art and culture. Friends here share a range of passions, develop our artistic impulses and approach the challenge of creating something to help our community. Join us! Be a photographer, videographer, copyeditor, designer, producer or writer. The DC is your entirely student-run, independent voice of the undergraduate student body, and we’re waiting to hear from you.  

Whatever you do, be safe, treat others with love and respect, and enjoy UConn!  

– Harrison Raskin, The Daily Campus Editor in Chief 2022-2023 

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