Artist Of The Week: Maty Noyes


Kygo featuring Maty Noyes performs the new single “Stay” at the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert, backed by the Symphony Orchestra; KORK. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

You may or may not be familiar with 19-year-old singer Maty Noyes. Born Madeline Noyes in Mississippi, Noyes catapulted herself into the music scene in late 2015 and stormed her way into a solo career—and I can’t be happier.

Fans of The Weeknd, you might have heard a particular female vocalist in the song “Angel” off of his 2015 album, “Beauty Behind The Madness.” Yes, that was none other than Noyes; providing those vocals was her first step into the music industry as a capable vocalist. Later in 2015, she joined forces with DJ duo Yellowclaw in the song “Drowning In Champagne” and performed her original song “Haunted” on the soundtrack for “Secret in Their Eyes.”

It wasn’t until December 2015 that Noyes started calling attention to herself. She was recruited by Norwegian DJ Kygo and was the featured vocalist on his song “Stay,” the fourth single off of his debut album “Cloud Nine.” It’s as bouncy and lyrically pleasing as you would expect from an electronic dance track. With “Stay,” Noyes’ name was beginning to be heard.

2016 was the year that Noyes took a step in the right direction. Her debut single, “In My Mind,” was released, and that song alone threw her into the spotlight. “In My Mind” has amassed over 82 million streams on Spotify and had decent radio play during the latter half of 2016. After the ample success and attention gathered from her first single, Noyes released her debut EP, titled “Noyes Complaint.” The entire EP is a play on words with her last name; aside from the pun in the EP’s title, the five songs included in the EP spell out ‘NOYES.’ Even with the velocity of “In My Mind,” Noyes’ EP failed to take off as quickly as the single and stayed in popularity idleness. Regardless, each song fits very well and if indie pop is your sound, then “Noyes Complaint” is a great source for good music.

Now, in 2017, Noyes is still coming out with great music. In January, she joined with Canadian DJ Vanic to release “Too Soon,” a great EDM song that, in the month since its release, has been streamed over 3.7 million times on Spotify.

Noyes also released a brand new single titled “London,” which has a very different sound than the songs from “Noyes Complaint.” The production is great and definitely can compete with “In My Mind.” It starts off slow but then takes off, and if you can say that you don’t at least bob your head while listening to it, you’re lying.

The pop industry seems to multiply by the second, and often it’s difficult to find artists that have the potential to stick around and make a difference. Noyes definitely has that potential: she’s new to the scene, but she’s working her way up. Watch out for her in the months to come—she’s sure to make a lot of “Noyes.”

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