‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’: A Christmas movie must-watch for all Vanessa Hudgens lovers


On Thursday, Netflix released its newest addition of the “The Princess Switch” series: “The Princess Switch: Switched Again,” starring Vanessa Hudgens. It delves into the story of a royal British family during the best time of the year — Christmas of course.  

Hudgens plays three characters: Lady Margaret, Stacy De Novo and cousin Fiona. Margaret is the Queen of Montenaro and Stacy married into the family, while Fiona is the free-spirited party girl. Somehow, Hudgens plays all three impeccably. She embodies the royal and proper persona for Margaret, the outside American for Stacy and the British royalty with zero responsibilities for Fiona. Not to mention, her accent is on point.  

To spice up the story even further, a love triangle is formed between Lady Maragret, ex-fling Kevin and chief-of-staff Antonio. Kevin’s daughter is set on having her dad mingle with Margaret to revive their connection; however, Antonio wants to be that special someone too. The girls come up with a genius plan: switch the two! If Margaret and Stacy are essentially look-alikes, then why not switch the characters and allow Kevin to spend some time with his — hopefully — future Queen? However, it doesn’t stop there. Fiona, the evil cousin, has her own plan: switching with Lady Margaret. She successfully keeps Stacy locked up in a basement while continuing to sabotage everything else in the limelight: her relationship with Kevin, by stealing thousands of dollars in jewelry and so much more. While Hudgens playing three characters makes things exciting, it also makes them a bit confusing at times (especially when it comes to explaining things).  

While I am a sucker for anything holiday-related during this time of year, this movie especially hit the spot. It may be because Vanessa Hudgens brings back all of the “High School Musical” vibes, but either way, I love it. The abundance of Christmas cheer made me even more excited for the holidays (yes, I know, Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened) and the combination of London and America gave a fresh perspective on a somewhat cheesy love story. We’re able to see the cultural differences between the two countries, with the British acting far more proper than the Americans, who tend to be more laid back. And the best part, you may ask? The accents. I’ve always loved British accents, so listening to the main characters talk was quite the treat. On a more serious note, I was very pleased to see a Black lead. Kevin is a Black man who is raising a biracial daughter, thus engaging in an interracial relationship with Margaret.  

The executive producer of the film is Robin Bernheim, with Hudgens being a producer as well. The first film was distributed by Netflix in 2018, with this prequel following only two years later. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for an easy film that will get you in the Christmas spirit. With the way 2020 has been going, we could all use a light-hearted, funny movie every now and then.  

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars  

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