Women’s Hockey: Huskies electric after Northeastern sweep, now gearing up for Maine sequence  

It was Huskies v Huskies last night at the Toscano Family Ice Forum where Northeastern faced off against UConn at 6 p.m. Saturday night. After a 3-0 win Friday night, UConn has another shut, winning 1-0. This was a fantastic weekend for the Women’s Hockey team. Photo by grab photographer Shelagh Laverty.

The UConn women’s hockey team is on cloud nine with a four-game winning streak and a monumental win against their Hockey East counterpart, Northeastern.  

This past weekend, UConn proved that there’s only room for one team of Huskies on the ice, and it would not be Northeastern. In a critical two-game sweep, the UConn team took down their historically undefeated Boston opponent. The victories were no small feat for UConn as it has fallen to Northeastern for 16 games straight, with the exception of one tie, since 2018.  

Although the season is still just beginning, the UConn crew has already made several impressive comebacks and has climbed the ladder to claim a seat at the table with the best of the best. While the group has earned the No. 2 conference spot, they must refrain from getting too comfortable.  

This weekend, the Huskies will be heading north to take on a familiar opponent, Maine. While the Black Bears haven’t had a spectacular start to the season with a 4-6 record, they may pose a bit of a challenge for the Huskies. Historically, the pair has battled the contest out until the last second, but this year the Huskies have been exceptionally dominant.  

Looking ahead, UConn should aim to capitalize on finding the back of the net. While the Huskies are averaging roughly 24 shots per game, Maine is averaging 30. If the Huskies remain steadfast in their offensive intensity and repeatedly fire off the puck, chances are they will find the back of the net.  

 The Maine offensive line may also experience a bit of trouble this weekend as they will be coming face-to-face with UConn’s powerhouse goaltenders. Last weekend’s Northeastern shutouts earned both Megan Warrener and Tia Chan the Hockey East goaltender of the week title.  

Warrener has already demonstrated remarkable reliability in the net with a .985 save percentage as she has only let in one shot across four matchups. Chan has been equally impressive with 159 saves across seven games so far this season.  

In addition to remarkable athletes in the net, UConn has seen impressive strides in the offensive line. Across the board, the group has been a commanding force when attacking, with several players already raking in goal after goal. Graduate student and team captain Coryn Tormala is currently leading the women with an impressive seven goals in the books. Teammates Brooke Campbell, Riley Grimley and Jada Habisch all follow close behind with six.  

With the Huskies back in the polls and maintaining the No. 12 spot in the USA Hockey rankings, they can enjoy a confidence boost walking into the weekend. If all goes well and the Huskies’ maintain their momentum, the Huskies’ can anticipate a sixth win in the books.  

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