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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Hello everyone, and welcome to UConn! My name is Maggie and I’m the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Campus. UConn truly is home for me this is my third year as a student, but I also grew up here in Storrs. I would consider myself somewhat of a UConn expert by now for instance, I’ve tried every single flavor of ice cream at the UConn Dairy Bar (let me know if you need a recommendation)! 

You’d think that watching sunsets at Horsebarn Hill or scrambling around our hilly campus every semester would get old, but in my experience every year brings new opportunities to challenge yourself and gain perspective. I mean, I started at The Daily Campus as a somewhat timid, amateur photographer, and now I’m a journalism major and the Editor-in-Chief of a paper? Time flies. If I’ve learned one thing it’s to take advantage of your time as a student there are so many grants, awards, travel opportunities, professional networks and clubs that can hook you up with fun and free things to do. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

You don’t have to know what exactly you want to do, so don’t stress out about that. But, if you try as many things as you can I can guarantee you’ll find something that sticks (for me that was The Daily Campus, of course). I’ve met so many smart, kind and creative people in the UConn community and I’m so excited to have the Class of 2025 here to join it. I hope that all of you find a part of the community that you love too. Lastly, a quick sales pitch: Come join us at The Daily Campus, if you’d like! Our team of writers, photographers, videographers and more are looking for fresh faces, no experience required. From all of us here good luck, and hopefully see you soon! 

– Maggie Chafouleas, Daily Campus Editor-in-Chief 2021-2022

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