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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

This is our annual graduation issue, which we make each year to commemorate the good, the bad, and the weird of each year's graduating class. The class of 2021 has survived through 'unprecedented times'. This issue is our gift to the most unprecedented class yet — go out and celebrate, class of 2021! You deserve it.

"Every imagined version of this column always came down to one point: The Daily Campus was my home."

"Reflecting now makes me realize that the DC didn’t just give me the improved writing skills or free concert tickets, but also a thoughtful and loving community."

"The Daily Campus did a lot of things: It stressed me out, kept me up late and didn’t give me much room to breathe. But above all else, it connected me with people that meant the world to my entire college experience."

"It feels strange to end my time at The Daily Campus with emotions, instead of neutral and fair reporting, but I’m glad I finally get to tell my story. It’s truly a love story for the ages."

"The future is bright for the majority of us, but for me, I’m still getting there."

"I love telling stories of games and athletes, and I hope I get to do that for a long, long time."

"It felt like it took forever and a day, yet also only a few seconds, to get to where I am now."

"Creating comics and illustrations for people to read on or off campus gave me a tremendous sense of pride in my work."

"How do I encompass my journalism career at UConn in a few hundred words? Easy, getting the reader the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How."

"I am beyond grateful for the newspaper, because in our big campus of tens of thousands of students, it gave me a purpose, a sense of importance and, most of all, a family."

"The beautiful thing about print journalism is that a bit of me will always remain here in my writing, just like a bit of The Daily Campus and my experiences with it will always live on in me."

"Someone puts on music, you have a box of Insomnia Cookies in front of you and an InDesign document that quits just when you’ve made good progress, and everything feels comfortable. "

"I could not be happier to have made my flock at The Daily Campus."

"The time I had at UConn may not have been the typical college experience that students can relate to, but I can say that I could not be more proud of everything I accomplished."

"Sure, I learned stuff in class, but 90% of the learning I did in college happened while on-the-job for the Life section."

"The most important lesson I learned while working at The Daily Campus and being a journalism student at UConn is to expect the unexpected."