Negotiating Job Offers: Basic tips and strategies


On Jan. 23, the University of Connecticut’s Center for Career Development hosted a webinar covering basic tips and strategies for negotiating job offers. They discussed the most effective techniques for presenting yourself to employers in a way that communicates you are capable of handling the job and its surrounding tasks. 

Being clear and confident in your wants and needs, knowing your value, making sure you are receiving enough and getting what you deserve at your job — so that you’re not overworked and/or underpaid — is necessary to be happy in your career. 

Negotiation is extremely important in job searching, as it can improve your offers and opportunities. The most common items to be negotiated include salary, vacation, starting date, promotion timeline, flexibility in hours or the ability to work remotely and tuition reimbursement.  

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that in your career — just like in anything else in life — confidence is key. Knowing who you are and what you have to offer and being able to display that to employers is imperative, as well as the skill to demonstrate and explain why you stand out from other candidates. The UConn Center for Career Development has a very useful feature on their website — an online assessment tool that helps articulate and formulate these skills for a resume. 

It is also important to be able to successfully and effectively communicate your needs and negotiations. An example of acceptable language of negotiation (specifically when it comes to salary): “I would like to discuss a few different components of the job offer package as the salary is a little lower than I expected.” In some cases, it could be beneficial to tell employers about having multiple job offers with greater benefits and conditions. An example of this would be: “Thank you so much for the offer. I am speaking with another company that has offered me more. If you’re able to hire me for [insert exact desired salary], I would be delighted to accept.”  

The webinar also highlighted the importance of having your own brand, which goes back to being able to present yourself in a way different from other potential employees. The Center for Career Development allows students to schedule helpful appointments where you can receive help perfecting your resume and learn more valuable tips and strategies on how to be successful in a job search. Their website, open webinars and online sessions are all great tools in helping navigate your job search, application process, successful communication with employers and receiving the job offer you want.  

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