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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

For the seventh consecutive year, The Daily Campus Life section has taken it upon ourselves to chronicle the spirit of everyone’s second-favorite holiday (next to National Lasagna Day). Valentine’s Day — in all its Cupid-worshiping, card-making, chalk-flavored heart-eating ethos — has certainly gotten a bad rap for revering the most basic and widely accepted declarations of romance. Obviously, not all love is the same. It’s diverse in the people who experience it, the types of relationships it nurtures and the eventual outcomes of pursuing it.

Because of the latter, some may despise its soppiness. Broken hearts, unrequited feelings and a gag reflex triggered by PDA are valid excuses to sit out on festivities (speaking of gag reflexes, thank you to everyone who took our love and sex survey).

Yet, we’re given all year to mope about love’s worst moments. Today is an opportunity to celebrate it.

In this issue, you’ll find content scoping students’ plans for the holiday, date ideas around campus and resources for safe sex, among much more. Perhaps you’ll get advice and gain some new insight, or maybe you’re just creepily curious about the survey results. At any rate, it’s all out now for your fresh eyes to read.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Esther Ju, Life Editor

Joanne Biju, Associate Life Editor